Cell Phone Policy Flyer

This cell phone use policy handout can be used by your company to set the expectations regarding cell phone calls and texting.

Some of the rules pertain to texting while driving, taking calls while driving (not permitted in business OR personal vehicles while on company time), company liability regarding personal property damage or loss (loss of cell phone at work or on customer property), employee responsibility regarding traffic violations if incurred while driving and texting/calling, and more.

All of the text can be edited to fit your company's specific policies. The bottom of the flyer includes a section where your employee can sign their name to verify they received and reviewed the information. The document is 8.5"x11" in size. Instructions for saving can be found within the document.

We'd also like to mention that while the info in the document is a good general policy, it should only be used until you are able to implement a full policy into your Employee Handbook. If you are going to institute a strict 'no cell phone/texting policy', you need to tie it directly to your company's disciplinary processes (which this hand out does not do). Employee handbooks should be reviewed/updated about every 6 months to ensure your policies continue to be compliant with Federal and State laws & regulations (as well as reflect internal changes like adding this cell phone policy). This helpful information is courtesy of Ian Schotanus, HR & Safety Program Manager at Comprehensive Employment Solution & HRx.

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