Vehicle Inspection Report

We have updated a popular piece from our past uploads - a vehicle inspection report to assist you in keeping your fleet organized and service-ready. Truck organization is an obstacle for many employees. How do you keep your vehicles In top-notch shape and inspire your technicians to do the same?

This new vehicle inspection report can be used with a simple reward system that will help keep your trucks ready to go. The report contains 20 points over 3 categories - Cleanliness, Organization, and Maintenance.

For each passed point on the form, an employee can be awarded $1. Write the total number of points/dollars in the box in the upper right corner. Alternately, you can give the technician 20 one-dollar bills. As the inspector goes through the checklist, the technician must pay back $1 for each item on the list that fails inspection. For the driver of the vehicle, having to give the money back can be a powerful motivator; much more so than if you were to simply pay him upon completion of the inspection.

Other suggestions for motivating your employees to keep their vehicles clean can be issuing them a credit for a local carwash, or enforcing certain consequences if the truck is not clean or properly stocked - for instance, perhaps a technician would lose their truck privileges and have to drive a personal vehicle to and from the shop.

This piece is 8.5 x 11 and will print on a single sheet of paper.

There are two files in the download - a PDF that does not require editing, and a Publisher version of the file, in case you would like to edit any of the fields on the sheet.

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