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Whether you're looking to fill up an entire day or merely an hour, our professional speakers can come to your meeting with expert advice and material on a variety of subjects:

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Available Topics

imageThe Prosperity Pill:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Learn how to build a year round training program and curriculum that will take your technicians to the next level.


imageRelentless Recruiting:

Speaker: David Heimer

You can't grow your business if you can't find, hire, and keep the right people. Why is it that some companies can't find qualified personnel while other companies always have a flood of applicants and get to pick and choose? Why are s ome companies always fighting the turnover battles, while other companies routinely keep their best employees for 20-30 years? Learn how to build a recruiting pipeline, attract the kind of employees you want, and keep them with you for years.


imageCustomer Connection Secrets:
Speaker: Bob Viering

How much more successful could your company be if you knew exactly what your customers--or potential customers--were thinking? Wouldn't it be great to know what they really want from your service company? The Service Nation Alliance surveyed over 3,000 members' customers. VP of SNA Programs Bob Viering will discuss what was learned from that survey in these areas and more...

  • How to generate more calls and leads
  • Keys to creating a great service experience
  • Selling more effectively

imageBrand You:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Unless you build a brand for your business, you operate as a commodity and commodities sell for the lowest price. Learn the history of branding, how anything can be branded, and how to make your business stand out.


imageMaximizing Your Mobile Billboard:

Speaker: Matt Michel

The most powerful marketing medium available to a contractor is the service truck. Learn how to get the most advertising and branding bang from your fleet of mobile billboards.



imageSocial Style Success:

Speaker: Liz Patrick

The Harvard Business Review says that successful managers are notably inconsistent. It is only when a manager becomes comfortable with being uncomfortable on a daily basis that they can maximize their success. Flexing one's social style reduces tension and encourages others to behave more productively with you. This presentation helps you discover your unique social style and teaches you to recognize and flex to other styles.


imageMarketing to Women:

Speaker: Liz Patrick

She holds the key to everything and anyone who passes beyond the threshold...and is the key decision maker in service purchases, but do you know how to talk to her or even where to find her? In this seminar, you will learn what she hears, where she hears it and the three key things you should know about her to get her attention.


imageTurbo Marketing:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Practical, contractor oriented marketing ideas. Lots and lots and lots of marketing ideas.


imageThe Leadership Principles:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Why do we seek to follow some people, but resist others? Explore the practical principles of leadership you can utilize to become a better leader for your organization.


imageBusiness Advice for Service Contractors:

Speaker: Matt Michel

What we all wished we knew when we started.



imageThe Power of Positive Pricing:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Pricing is an essential part of the marketing mix. Used properly, pricing can enhance the top line and the bottom line. Positive pricing takes a retail approach for service businesses.


imageA Passion for Service:

Speaker: Matt Michel

The opposite of passion is apathy and apathy kills a service organization. Learn how to foster a culture of passion...for the company and for the customer.


imageHome Show Marketing:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Home shows can be powerful lead generation tools, but only if they are worked correctly. Learn how to get the most out of your next home show.


imageSelf-Generating Leads for

HVAC Sales People:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Most HVAC salespeople wait for leads to be handed to them. High income salespeople take matters into their own hands and self-generate as many leads as possible. Here's how.


imageLife Design:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Life is too short to live accidentally. Learn how to design the best life you can. It's never too late to start. You've got the rest of your life before you.


imageTraining to Turbocharge Your Technicians:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Learn how to build a year round training program and curriculum that will take your technicians to the next level.


imageService Innovation:

Speaker: Matt Michel

Innovators make transformational leaps their competitors struggle to understand and then, adapt. Learn innovation principles as applied to a service business.




imageThe Difference Between Being a Manager and a Leader

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

This session emphasizes that both managers and leaders are necessary in a company and sometimes must be encompassed by the same person, but they are two very different roles.  The manager must be tactical, measure KPIs, hold employees responsible, give direction.  The leader, on the other hand, must be the visionary, the motivator, creator of the company culture.  This session will focus on how to fulfill the leadership role for a company.


imageHow to Explain the Cost of Doing Business to Employees

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

Do technicians and salespeople complain about the prices that the company establishes?  Do employees sometimes think that their hourly wage or base salary is the only cost of doing business?  This session will provide participants several examples of how to demonstrate to employees the real cost of doing business in a way that will open their eyes.  Participants will be able to take these examples back to their business to use with employees.


imageAmazing Service Starts Here

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

How your CSRs / Dispatchers interact with the customer sets the tone for the total experience the customer will have with your company.  This session will focus on the communication aspect of the interaction.  The communication process will be divided into the words spoken, the tone of voice used and even body language.   (Yes body language matters even over the phone.)  Suggestions will also be made about how to answer price questions over the phone.




imageBoomers, Xers & Millennials in the Workplace — OH MY!

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

As Boomers work longer and more millennials enter the work force, a company is often a mixture of employees with different perspectives and values.  This session will define who the different generations are and what has influenced each.  The focus will be on what motivates each generation and how to work with and accommodate these differing perspectives and values.




imagePay for Performance — Beyond the Bonuses & Incentives:

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

This session defines true pay for performance and the two primary ways it is implemented - % of selling price or Payroll Units (PRUs).  This session will outline the details for both types of systems including setting base hourly wage, how to pay helpers on installations, how to be legal when overtime occurs.  Examples will be used from companies that have successfully implemented pay for performance and list  the benefits pay for performance can provide for the company and the employee.



imageAllocating Overhead and the Power of Pricing

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

Intuitively contractors know that service causes considerably more overhead costs in a company than installations do.  This session provides a simple way of allocating overhead between service and installation based on labor.  But most importantly, during the session the power of using overhead allocation to be creative in margin production during the shoulder seasons is emphasized.



imageYou Don't Sell HVAC. You Manufacture Comfort! — How to Beat Low Price Competition:

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

Companies don’t make money and customers don’t receive comfort when marketing and sales strategies are based on low price.  What limits a company’s ability to increase sales and profits is labor capacity so why should a company burn the most precious resource it has – its labor – on jobs that don’t return good profit.  What limits a customer’s comfort is the quality of the installation.  This seminar will discuss how to create a company strategy based on selling itself – its uniqueness, its quality, its culture, its products, its services and its people.



imageA Business Plan is More than a Budget:

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

Many companies create budgets, but less than 10% create a business plan.  A budget is a part of a business plan, but the key to an effective business plan is the “how are we going to achieve the budget.”  This session will describe how to take sales and profit goals and make them a reality by creating the action plans necessary for success. 



imageIndustry KPIs — What are They & How to Achieve Them:

Speaker: John and Vicki La Plant

A company should always measure its performance against itself, but industry Key Performance Indicators specify the ball park in which the game is played.  This seminar will provide the current KPIs that a company should be tracking and provide ideas on how to improve them.


Meet Our Speakers

Matt Michel

CEO, Service Nation



David Heimer

COO, Service Nation



Liz Patrick

VP Strategic Alliances,

Service Nation



Bob Viering

VP Programs,

Service Nation Alliance



Vicki and John La Plant

Business Coaches,

Service Nation Alliance





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