Service Roundtable Founders

The strength of an organization like the Service Roundtable is ultimately, the members of the organization.

The membership starts with the founding members. The caliber of the founders will give you a good idea about the caliber of the organization. Few contractor groups start with an all-star team like the one behind the Service Roundtable.

Not every founder is an HVAC or plumbing contractor. Some are contractors. Some are professional angel investors, who think the nation needs an organization like the Service Roundtable and believe the program and team behind the Service Roundtable practically guarantees success. Every founder is an investor in Service Nation Inc., the Service Roundtableís parent organization. Every founder believed in the program enough to make a personal financial commitment.

For various reasons, some founders are silent about their role. On the following pages are short bios about those that are not. Prepare to be impressed. Included in this group are a number of leaders in the world of contracting, including several past national chairpeople of major trade associations and alliance, consolidator, and franchise executives, founders, and board members.

Included are contractors that built up wildly successful businesses and sold them to consolidators.

Included are some of the nationís leading independent contractors. Included are multi- location contractors.

Included are contractors that have been named as national contractor of the year by multiple organizations.

Included are contractors that have been named as the best contractors to work for in their industries.

They come from coast to coast and states in between. They represent the best and the brightest service contractors. They support the service trades through a number of organizations, often holding leadership positions. They support their communities in a similar fashion. They sincerely want to help the industry through the Service Roundtable, but they also want the Service Roundtable to help their companies become even bigger and more profitable.

When you join the Service Roundtable, you are not only affiliating with the best talent in service contracting.

You are also affiliating with top consultants from outside the industry that play on the cutting edge of technology and will help the Service Roundtable get early opportunities for exciting, new technologies that will give you a competitive advantage. It takes too long and costs too much for some technology to filter through manufacturers. Itís time contractors took control of that, along with everything else.

Board of Directors

Mitchell Cropp
Mike Hajduk
Matt Michel
Steve Saunders
Ron Smith
Larry Taylor
David Heimer