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Tuesday September 18, 2018 8:00 AM CST
Thursday September 20, 2018 5:00 PM CST

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Thryv Hotel and Conference Center 

2200 West Airfield Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051


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  • Wednesday (8:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
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    Hotel Room Reservations:

    To Book a Room at Thryv Hotel and Conference Center call 800-731-6131 and reference Service Roundtable for a discounted price.


    Tim Herbert


    CHARLIE GREER'S Ultimate HVAC and Plumbing Technician

    Charlie is an award-winning trainer and consultant who has spent years working in the field, honing his skills. Now he's teaching others the system he used to become one of the most successful salespeople in the HVAC and Plumbing industries. He's worked with hundreds of companies, big and small, to improve the performance of their sales people.

    In this class, your technicians will learn how to increase their sales by delivering a superior level of service.This means they'll learn to do a more thorough inspection, draw up a comprehensive list of every single defect they see (in order of priority), and go over it with their customers. That's really all you have to do to increase sales. No mind games, no word games, no manipulation -- just be a really good hvac/plumbing technician, and don't be afraid to point things out.

     The course includes a nearly 100-page manual that is filled with scripts and helpful information.

    Heres the class agenda:


    • What is the purpose of your job?
    • Is service technician a sales position?
    • The salesman stigma
    • They dont have to like you
    • Are you talking yourself out of sales?
    • Before saying anything
    • Questions are the answer
    • Developing your listening skills
    • Before recommending anything, first establish
    • Keep it short and simple
    • Educating vs. Enlightenment
    • Eye contact
    • Jerks buy!
    • Project a "positive level of expectation."
    • Positive mental attitude
    • Un-sellable calls
    • Don't buy into their sob stories
    • The most important thing to stress
    • Benefit selling - why should they buy from you?
    • Never quote the bare minimum!
    • Is it okay to pre-judge your calls?
    • Keep track of your numbers
    • Goal-setting
    • Selling Indoor Air Quality(HVAC)
    • Selling Water Purification and Treatment(Plumbing)

     Steps to providing a superior level of service:

    • Drive time
    • Arrive on the scene
    • Your first 60 seconds
    • The complete inspection
    • The paper towel close
    • The rehearsal
    • The setup
    • Presenting the product
    • Presenting the price and closing
    • Multiple closing attempts
    • Nibble your way to success
    • Getting the signature
    • i want to wait,if it aint broke, dont fix it
    • Do the work
    • Your final exit and collecting

     Overcoming objections:

    • Your four fallback responses
    • The price complaint
    • The features and benefits close
    • I just found that part for very little money on the internet
    • I have to talk this over with ...
    • Alliance for HVAC Tuition: FREE
    • Alliance for Plumbing Tuition: FREE
    • Service Roundtable Tuition: $799 (reduced!)
    Limit 2 attendees per company.

    **Training Cancellation Policy**
    We work hard to keep the cost of our training as low as possible so that we can offer many different training options on a regular basis. No-shows and late cancellations cause us to incur unnecessary charges that could otherwise be avoided. You may cancel your attendance in any program up to 10 days prior to the date of the event without a charge or penalty. Cancellations within 10 business days of the date of the event will incur a $100 cancellation charge. No-shows will be charged the full rate for the training (or a minimum of $250 per day of training missed) that they fail to attend. These charges apply to ALL attendees (including Service Nation Alliance members) regardless of the price originally paid.