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Tuesday May 21, 2019 9:00 AM CST
Friday May 24, 2019 5:00 PM CST

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Joe C 2018S

The Importance of Residential Retail Replacement Sales

There is nothing that can improve a companys bottom line more quickly than residential replacement sales at the retail level, and theres no one in the industry teaching today with more infield retail experience than Joe Cunningham.

The replacement market in the HVAC industry is a growing entity and is a fertile crop seldom fully harvested by most contractors. If a company is willing to be assertive in their marketing efforts, diligent in mining their customer base and willing to hire, train and maintain a residential replacement salesperson the profit potential is limitless.

The opportunity to perform effectively in the retail market always exists, regardless of weather, time of year, economic or industry trends, and the ability to tap into that market is totally within the control of each and every heating and cooling company that wishes to participate. (However, this doesnt mean its easy)

The key to success in this endeavor is to have a proven, workable plan, and to determine and set realistic goals that require you to think, reach and stretch, and then work with someone that has a proven track record to help you recruit, train and motivate a sales force that will sell more customers at a retail level than you are able to do on your own. The salesperson you hire may be quite different than you in thought, manner and actions, but if this new person can help you achieve your goals and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, you will profit more than you can imagine.

The Residential Sales Academy is a unique and proprietary, proven* program consisting of systems that have created more verifiable million dollar replacement sale people than any other program available in the HVAC industry, bar none!

The skills learned in the Residential Sales Academy will allow a sales rep to out- perform his competitors on a regular basis and close more sales calls than ever before, and the best part is that the program is easy to learn and implement and requires no special skills, just an ability to communicate.

In this extremely hands-on interactive program the attendee will learn the skill necessary to become a high impact, low pressure, technically savvy replacement salesperson even if he possesses no industry experience upon the beginning of this course. This program is the only course proven to take a person from zero to industry competent closer in just one week. The topics covered in this program will be:

  • Understanding The In-Home Sales Psychology
  • Discovering why and how people buy
  • Learning the HVAC System
  • Uncovering The Prospects Needs & Wants
  • Removing Sales Objections Up-front
  • Implementing a 5 Step Sales Process
  • Performing The Heat Load
  • Choosing The Proper System For Individual Applications
  • The Why You Story
  • Building Customers For Life
  • Creating Referrals

All attendees will receive the following:

  • Detailed workbook
  • Complete customizable sales presentation book
  • Customized selling tools and forms
  • Heat Load forms 
  • Goal Setting Forms
  • Progress Tracking Forms

The Residential Replacement Specialist Program is a 4 day long, customized, intensive, in-home selling course designed to create sales professionals with high closing ratios and high efficiency product mixes.

The time tested and proven* curriculum used and the techniques taught to the students have resulted in the creation of the most successful salespeople in the HVAC industry with both the highest closing ratio and the most robust hi-end product and add-on mix. The program has proven to be highly effective with industry newcomers that possess little or no industry knowledge.

This course will cover the complete 5 step selling process with emphasis on creating an atmosphere of trust with a prospect so that the prospect chooses to buy higher efficiency full systems on a one call close.

The attendee will gain an insight on the technology necessary to properly size a system for virtually any house he may encounter and then confidently lead the customer into an educated buying decision. That same attendee will also learn what it takes to install systems in a house and what the common obstacles may be; thus insuring the right equipment choices for the customer and ease of installation for the company.

Every student will gain the confidence necessary to guide the prospect into a buying decision and help the prospect choose the system that is right for their lifestyle including any add-on items which might enhance the prospects comfort and health.

This program also has the highest buy in rate from attendees and the highest success rate of improvement due to the lower pressure procedures and processes taught in the program.

The whole course is limited to just 36 people, with each company only allowed 2 seats. These classes fill up fast and we often have a waiting list, so don't delay!


About Joe Cunningham

Joe Cunningham, founder of Successtrack Network, was one of the industry's first Million Dollar Men, singlehandedly selling in excess of one million dollars worth of HVAC equipment per year in the highly competitive Houston, Texas market in the 1980's.

Joe went on to develop sales and marketing programs for the industry's major manufacturers and distributors. He was a co-developer of the acclaimed Texas Tough program and was a major contributor to Carrier's Value Added Sales and Service program receiving national recognition for these groundbreaking projects.

Joe was also a key distributor and training program developer and trainer for Retrotec Infiltrometer Systems and helped introduce many contractors to solving whole house problems, helping them to consistently set themselves apart from and outsell their competitors on a regular basis.

Joe was President of the country's most highly acclaimed HVAC training facility, Future University. He produced and directed the first ever nationally televised training series for the HVAC industry, was involved in the first wave of industry consolidation, has developed proprietary training programs for the HVAC, Plumbing and IAQ industry, is Strategic Training Ally for the major manufacturers and is one of the service industry's most respected professionals.

Joe's step by step, easy to implement processes and procedures have helped thousands of contractors nationwide increase their sales, develop new markets, maximize their opportunities and grow their businesses in any economic climate.

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No fee if notified at least 10 business days prior to event.

$499 fee per registrant if notified less than 10 days prior to event, or if registrants don't attend.

Paid Classes
100% refund if notified at least 10 business days prior to event. 
No refunds if canceled less than 10 days prior to event, or if registrants do not attend.

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