50 Comanche Marketing Tips

Do you want to grow your service business? This document contains 50 proven ways you can grow the service side of the HVAC business.

Not all are expensive. In fact, most are low cost and a few wonít cost anything. They arenít the only ways to grow, not by any means. But they are a start. You probably already utilize many of them, but still may pick up one or two new ideas or reminders.

Even though there is not one change out sales tip provided here, these 50 Comanche Marketing Service Tips actually represent some of the best ways for you to build your replacement sales. By following these service strategies and tactics, you will grow your customers from suspects to prospects to customers to clients to apostles. Itís the HVAC contractorís customer evolution.

Suspects donít even know they have a need. Prospects recognize a need, but donít know who theyíre going to get to fulfill the need. Customers engage you to meet their needs. Clients... Now clients are where the payoffs start.

By servicing your customers well, time after time, you develop a client relationship. They trust you to make good, honest recommendations that are in their best interests. They usually donít question the advice or the price (when was the last time you seriously questioned your CPA, attorney, or doctorís fees?). Clients purchase change outs on your recommendation.

And finally there are the apostles. Apostles are customers so overwhelmed by the service you provide that they evangelize about you to their family, friends, neighbors, business associates, and whomever else will listen. An apostle is the highest form of customer. They are your unpaid sales force, generating the most powerful marketing of all, word-of-mouth and personal recommendation.

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