HVAC Industry Recruiting Brochure

“Recruiting” is a piece designed to attract entry-level service technicians. It was prepared to support an ARI-led industry coalition to improve the public perception of the industry, including the perception that the industry offers attractive career options. Because the Service Roundtable is a participant in the ARI task force and is committed to supporting the industry as a whole, this recruiting brochure is being made available to all contractors in the industry and is hosted on the public side of the site as a public service.

Contractors desiring to use this brochure should distribute it to high school guidance counselors, offer it at career fairs, military bases, state unemployment offices, and so on. The brochure calls attention to the challenge, freedom, responsibility, satisfaction, pride, variety, growth opportunities, and great pay offered by the HVAC industry relative to other industries. It is not an immediate solution, but a contributor to a long-term solution.

The last page of the brochure promises technician candidates truck rides. If you do not want to offer the truck rides, delete the line mentioning them.

The brochure was prepared in Microsoft Publisher 2000. It should be printed on both sides of 8-1/2” X 11” card stock and folded.

Before printing the piece, be sure to change the red text on the last page to match your company information and insert your company logo. Remember, change the font color from red to black so that it contrasts well when printed on a black and white laser printer.


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