Uniform Policy Poster

Uniforms impact several aspects of your business: branding, productivity, safety, employee moral and employee recruitment, in addition to perhaps the most important one of all - customer relations. You only get one shot to make a first impression!

An efficient and successful uniform policy is an investment and requires close monitoring, attentive management and careful negotiation. Consider making your formal uniform policy universal for all personnel, regardless of where they work or what function they perform. When your employees in the field come into the office, you want them to see that itís the same policy internally as well which helps moral and team-building company wide.

A strong uniform policy projects an image of professionalism and branding across your entire company. It sets the stage for a positive experience and tells the customer that youíre a high quality organization.

This Uniform Policy Poster is sized 24Ē x 36Ē. Donít forget to replace the red box with your own logo. You can remove any items that arenít applicable to your business and change any of the text to your own wording if youíd like.

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