Vehicle Accident Report Form

The stress of the aftermath of a vehicular collision can be a difficult time for you, your technician operating the vehicle and your entire company. Its easy to forget to gather information when all parties involved are understandably shaken after a traumatic event like an accident. This Vehicle Accident Report was created to help. Print it on front and back and place copies in the glove box of each company vehicle.

Review and go over the form during a service meeting. Employees should fill in the blanks as appropriate. The priority in an accident is injured people first, collecting the information from all parties second, and calling into the shop third.

The information collected on this form may help in the event of a lawsuit. Turn in a copy to your insurance company after any accident.

If possible, have the employee involved in an accident take a drug and alcohol test as soon as possible (this is why you want the employee to return to the shop). In a litigious society, a prompt and clean drug test protects you and your employee.

This form is fully editable and includes instructions within the document for saving and changing colors to match your company's branding and themes (see Pages 8 and 9). Pages 1-6 are examples of the different looks you can achieve by changing the colors on the form to match your branding. Dont be afraid to experiment until you get the right match for your company! Make sure to replace the red box with your logo and edit all applicable text to your company's information. This piece is 8.5 x 11 and will print on a single sheet of paper.

This file was created with and can be edited in Microsoft Publisher.

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