Get to Know Your Employee Form

We all know that happy employees make the best employees. Studies have shown that employees who enjoy their jobs and have a sense of fulfillment are more productive and more likely to stick with your company long term. This piece is a ’Getting to Know Your Employee Form’ designed to help you create a positive company culture and learn a little bit more about the people you work with. You’d be surprised how little owners and fellow employees often know about each other outside of work so use this form to break the ice!

There are currently 10 questions and some personal information at the top, but you may change the questions to whatever you’d like. If you want to know your employees’ favorite superhero or some other random question, don’t be afraid to ask! Don’t forget to remove the red logo box, and add your own logo.

This piece was created with and can be edited in Microsoft Publisher or Libre Office. 
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