Why a script book for incoming calls? Why not a simple script? Different calls and callers should be handled in different ways. The script book uses careful phrasing and consumer psychology to increase the number of calls booked and sales opportunities from those calls.

New Vs Existing

When a new customer calls, you need additional information that should be in your records for your existing customers. Also, you need to identify renters, responsibility for renter's bills, and authorization from the owner if the renter is not responsible. The script book makes sure you get the information you need.

Lead Source

The primary function of a customer service representative (CSR) is to capture the call. An important secondary function is to uncover how they first heard about the company. It's also important to identify where the consumer looked up the phone number. Someone may have heard about you from a friend, but used the yellow pages to look up the number. This call is not the result of your yellow pages ad, since a simple in-column listing would have sufficed almost as well. As it stands, half (48%) the people looking up the phone number for a company they know will reference the white pages.

Credit Card Authorization

Consumers frequently provide credit cards for service authorizations. They are used extensively by rental car companies and hotels. However, very few service companies use them. This is a mistake, because approached properly, the credit card authorization smokes out consumers who call down the yellow pages looking for the first company to respond. The credit card authorization is not a charge, but a hold to ensure you will get paid. The consumer can switch to cash or check at the time of service. Consumers who are unwilling to provide a credit card are either not serious or payment risks. It's important to frame the credit card authorization correctly, which the script book does.

Service Agreements

When a customer is under distress (e.g., something's broken), he or she only cares about the repair. This is your opportunity to put the customer at ease by listening and responding to his/her requests, assuring him everything will be okay, acting professional, understanding that he is uncomfortable and worried, and most of all, doing what you say you're going to do. It's not the time to sell a service agreement, though it is an opportunity to plant seeds, subtly, which the script book does. If the customer responds, the customer service representative has the information necessary to close the service agreement sale.

When the customer is not under distress and is calling about maintenance, the sale of the service agreement can be more overt. Offering the customer information about the service agreement is sharing ways the homeowner can save money on his or her current purchase. The script book accomplishes this too.


Installed accessories (e.g., humidifiers, air cleaners, etc.) may represent an opportunity for companion or additional accessories. If the comfort system is old enough, this may even be an opportunity to talk about a replacement. The script book helps convert calls for one accessory into calls for multiple accessories. It helps convert calls for accessories for older systems into full fledged replacement leads.

Equipment Replacement

The script book helps capture information for system replacements that increase the total ticket for the sales professional. It helps identify opportunities ripe for IAQ bundles, zoning, etc. When the sales professional knows in advance that a homeowner has allergies and wants to improve IAQ, then he is more likely to pre-assemble the right information and to lug an air cleaner, humidifier, and UV light along to show the homeowner and improve the odds of selling the bundle.

Call Backs

When a homeowner calls upset because of a service failure (that may or may not be the company's fault), the script book takes the CSR through a response that will put the customer at ease, solve the problem, and turn the homeowner into a company apostle, who will evangelize about your performance.

Common Questions

Many questions come up over and over again. The script book includes standard answers to some of the more common questions.

Putting It To Use

Edit the scripts to match your company information (e.g., replace 'service agreement' with your name for your program, insert your prices, etc.), insert tabs for each call and question, and either place the contents in a binder or have the script book spiral/ring bound. Print copies of the lead tracking sheets and sales lead sheets (consider having them made into tear off pads at your local copy store).

CSRs should read through the script and ensure they can read it with natural voice, not like a document being read over the phone. Use contractions. Edit the script to match natural speech patterns. Each CSR should make it theirs.

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