National AC Appreciation Month Online Ad

July is Air Conditioner Appreciation Month and we want to help you spread the word with this fun online ad that you can post on Facebook or whichever social network you prefer. There are three versions included, choose whichever one best matches your companies branding.

Be sure to change the offer to a different offer that better matches your business if you’d like. Save as a JPG file, and you are ready to post it to all your social media accounts!

Detailed instructions for saving can be found on the following pages.

The stock images within this template are licensed from a third party to be used within this template only. These images may not be used separately from this file in another file or location.

You will need Microsoft Publisher or LibreOffice Draw to open and edit the piece.

If you have any questions about this or other pieces in our Download Center, please email


Download Time:
21 minutes- 56k Modem
1 minute- Cable/DSL Modem

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading a file, RIGHT click on download and choose Save Target As or Save File As.

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