The 2019 HVAC Marketing Wizard

An easier way to plan out your year is with the 2019 Marketing Planning Wizard!

We've created something that EVERY company can use. While it's not going to tell you what to do and when, it will help you strategize, conceptualize and implement a dynamic marketing plan that will take you far beyond any generic marketing calendar.

In just a couple of hours, you can lay out a marketing calendar for the next quarter or year. The Wizard includes modules for brainstorming, budgeting and individual monthly marketing strategies. It's incredibly simple to use, and promises to be extremely effective as well.

The Marketing Planning Wizard stresses three areas: 1. Getting customers, 2. Keeping customers, and 3. Improving your average ticket. By focusing on these 3 key areas, and specifying budgets and campaigns for each, you'll have a much clearer, and more logical marketing plan than ever before.

The Wizard was created using Microsoft Excel.

Also included in this .zip file is a hyper-linked PDF leading you to the latest marketing content in your industry. 

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Download Time:
26 minutes- 56k Modem
2 minutes- Cable/DSL Modem

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading a file, RIGHT click on download and choose Save Target As or Save File As.

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