Staying Positive in a COVID World

Winston Churchill said, “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.”

Today, it seems that we’re surrounded by pessimists. If you’re looking for an optimist to give you a positive outlook, you’ve found one. Churchill also said, “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”

I agree with old Winston. Yet, being an optimist is far from easy today. Let’s face it, bad stuff is happening. Covid-19 is bad. What it is doing to the economy is bad. But… It’s not as bad it seems. And… It doesn’t have to affect your outlook on the world.

You’re the boss. It’s your job to reassure and pump up the people around you. But who motivates you? Unfortunately, no one. As boss, you must rely on self-motivation.

It’s important for you to stay positive and even-keeled. Your employees feed off you, seeing your every mood and action out of proportion. Their highs are higher and lows are lower.

Within limits, your employees’ attitudes are a reflection of yours. Of course, even if you have the sunniest disposition, the grump employee will still be a grump. But, he might not be as big of a grump.

So, it’s harder in the Covid-19 world than ever to stay positive, more important than ever to stay positive, and on one’s going to help. You must do it. You must manage your attitude. So how do you manage it? Staying Positive in a Covid World presents a set of simple ways to stay positive in a Covid world.

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