[Freebie] Email Signature Instructional PDF

This file provides simple instructions for adding a signature to your emails.

If you're not including a signature on your emails, you could be missing out on some cheap and simple marketing. Microsoft Outlook and other email programs make it easy to include a "canned" message on all your outgoing emails.

The signature doesn't have to be fancy. Along with your name and business information you could include your professional and civic affiliations or even change it from time to time to reflect some recent news, make an important announcement, mention a promotion or broadcast your favorite quote.

This is an Adobe PDF file that can be read with Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader software.


Download Time:
5 minutes- 56k Modem
<1 minute- Cable/DSL Modem

NOTE: If you have trouble downloading a file, RIGHT click on download and choose Save Target As or Save File As.

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