Over time, one of the most powerful services offered by Service Roundtable™ will be the website. You include a reference to the site on your invoices, including an incentive. When consumers visit the site, they rate your company, adding comments about your service. Safeguards prevent competitors from spiking your ratings or you from artificially boosting them. Initially, the website provides you with an ongoing customer satisfaction tracking system. Long term, it offers much more.

As Service Roundtable™ expands to new service industries, consumers of those companies will visit When they do, they will learn of the ratings for other industries. Then, they will come back to look for service providers in other industries. The site provides consumers with information about contractors in the way they like to buy. Research study after research study has identified that consumers prefer to find contractors by asking a friend or a neighbor. They turn to the yellow pages as a last resort. is the next best thing to talking with a friend or neighbor. It allows consumers to read the comments of other consumers about their experience. Over the long term, as large numbers of contractors are listed on the site, as Service Roundtable™ expands across industries, and as Internet usage rises with the diffusion of always-on, high speed broadband service, could begin to replace the yellow pages.

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